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April 2018

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Authorpalooza! Saturday, April 21st 1:00-4:00
See below for scheduled authors!

Alchemy & Essential Oils Classes
Saturday, April 7th 
3:00 Improve Your Live with Essential Oils! Free class

Saturday, April 14th
3:00 Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets! Learn how to make your own beauty products! Free, but personalized products can be made to order. Prices will vary.

Saturday, April 28th
3:00 Pain Management with Essential Oils and CBD oil! Free, but personalized products can be made to order. Prices will vary.


Black Shadows Conspiracy Club!
Thursday, April 5th at 5:30! It's okay to bring your favorite beverage and be sure to have a code name picked out! Shhh! it's a secret.


 Friday Night Writes
Cost: $5.00 (Ticket may be applied toward purchase of presenting author’s books that evening.) 

Time: 5:30 Learn something new every Friday. Various presentations by expert authors on writing, publishing, marketing, and all subjects of interest to writers.

April 6th - Craft Summaries: In lieu of $5.00 ticket present a short (five minute) summary of something you've recently learned about the craft of writing to share.

April 13th - Encore event with Joel Cunningham Marketing Tips for Authors! 

April 20th- Encore event with Intellectual Rights Attorney Maria Crimi Speth. She's amazing and every author and artist in Arizona should meet her!
April 27th - Anna Questerly presents The Organized Author FREE!
Writers' Time
Phoenix Writers meets right here at DEP every Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:30. Grab a notebook and pen and come join this varied group of writers. Choose to use a prompt or continue writing your work in progress. Writers may share their work, but no critiquing allowed!
Comfortable Classics Bookclub
Time: Saturday, May 112th at 1:00
Group is reading the unabridged version ofWuthering Heights. It's okay to bring your lunch or snacks to share!

Maggie’s Mystery Book club
Time: Thursday, April 19th  at 5:30
Group is reading The Sleeping Doll by Jeffrey Deaver. Adults only. Members may bring their own beverage/snack.
Open Mic
Time: Thursday, April 26th at 5:00  Rejuvenate your soul with us on Thursday at 5:00 at our Open Mic Art & Culture Talks with Arizona Consortium for the Arts. Invitation open to all art lovers and artists. FREE 

Kris Tualla GENRE: Historical Romance, Historical Fiction  A dynamic award-winning and internationally published author of historical romance and suspense, has created a dynasty with The Hansen Series with 24 novels (so far) since publishing in 2010. An active member of Romance Writers of America, the Historical Novel Society, and Sisters in Crime, she was also a guest instructor at the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University. She often asked to speak about her journey – and her Norsemen.
Patrick Tylee GENRE: Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Middle Grade


Books add wings to wonder.
Fiction soars the imagination.
Science fiction zooms close to that wonderful, scary thing.


When I place a new story in the hands of a reader, my hope is they’ll take it beyond fleeting entertainment. I wish for it to be a seed. I may never know, but in my own imagination I picture the reader finds inspiration to discover that great thing only they possess.

Joel Cunningham GENRE: Humor/satire. Born on the East Coast but raised in the Southwest, Joel is the co-owner & co-founder of Parametric Studios, LLC - a marketing company based in Scottsdale, AZ. Joel has worked in marketing for the last fifteen years while writing and pursuing numerous other side ventures. He has acted in numerous commercial projects, produced and written for numerous tv & film projects, and is the current host of a film & television review podcast called, The Reel Review Podcast.

Andy Burgess GENRE: Fantasy. A. L. Burgess Jr. is a software engineer and business owner. He has several technical publications in journals and periodicals as well as two published novels. He resides in Desert Hills, Arizona and can be reached through his social media accounts on Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon.

Jenn Windrow GENRE: Paranormal loves characters who have a pinch of spunk, a dash of attitude, and a large dollop of sex appeal. Top it all off with a huge heaping helping of snark, and you’ve got the ingredients for the kind of fast paced stories she loves to read and write. Home is a suburb of it’s-so-hot-my-shoes-have-melted-to-the-pavement Phoenix. Where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and a slew of animals that seem to keep following her home, at least that’s what she claims. She writes Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. 
Vijaya Schartz GENRE: Sci-Fi Romance, Fantasy, Historical Fiction Born in France, award-winning author Vijaya Schartz never conformed to anything and could never refuse a challenge. She likes action and exotic settings, in life and on the page. She traveled the world and claims she must be a time traveler, since she writes with the same ease about the far past and the far future. With over twenty-seven titles published, Vijaya Schartz writes action adventure laced with sensuality and suspense, in exotic, medieval, or futuristic settings. Her books collected many five star reviews and literary awards. She makes you believe you actually lived these extraordinary adventures among her characters. Her stories have been compared to Indiana Jones with sizzling romance, and she takes that as a compliment anytime. She writes to entertain.
Duann signing for Alan Black GENRE: Sci-Fi, Christian Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy Alan never met a good story he didn't want to tell, and Duann is following in his footsteps.
Michele Venne' GENRE: Romantic Suspense, Fantasy, Poetry
Nelle Lewis GENRE: Cozy Mysteries/Humor

Pd Michel: GENRE: Fantasy and Sci-Fi Pd Michel has hiked on trails where coyotes howled, and snakes rattled. He's weathered a half foot of snow falling on his tent, shared an apple with a wild deer in a swamp, scuba dove among moray eels, nurse sharks, barracudas and sea turtles, and seen the magic of dolphins gliding through phosphorescent waters from a sailboat in Florida.

He drove an ambulance and a fire engine as a volunteer fireman, steered a nuclear submarine, looked through a periscope, and operated its nuclear reactor in the navy. He has design computers to test avionics boxes that fly on commercial and military aircraft.

It gives him a perfect background for writing the fantasy adventure “Atlantian Magic.”

Leah Moyes GENRE: Historical Fiction Romance  Death or Freedom? Hardly a choice. Aug 12, 1961, Berlin Germany. Nationale Volksarmee soldiers roll barbed wire across the war-torn city to create the first Berlin Wall. Families are separated, livelihoods destroyed, death comes easily as crippling fear paralyzes the occupants on both sides of the wall. Fifteen-year-old Ella is torn between fleeing to the west with her brother, Josef, and best friend, Anton, or remaining on the east side with her dying father. The impact of one decision can transform a person's life. This story is about that decision. The first book in the "Berlin Butterfly" series, Ensnare is an emotional heart-wrenching historical romance that leads the reader down the dark, early years of the Berlin Wall and through the eyes of a teenage girl living in post-war Germany. Readers will be captivated with Ella's strength, determination, and vulnerability as she opens her heart amidst a dangerous and terrifying journey. 

Deborah McTiernan GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance Deborah's family was transferred from the East Coast to the Midwest. They eventually left the city and settled in the rural community of Orion, Illinois (thinly disguised as Archer's Bow, Illinois in her series, Lilly Noble & Actual Magic, and Lilly Noble & the Phantom Rush. It was while living in Orion, Deborah became a life long fan of fairy-tales, myth, and magic. Summers off from school gave her plenty of time to haunt the town library, read her favorite stories on the front porch, and hone her skills as a storyteller.  
Also, Anna Questerly, Doris Cohen, D.M. Miller, and Dawn Heyer will be signing with us!

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