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Thanks for stopping by to learn about the Indie 800!

 We're a group of talented, determined, and quite independent authors, artists, and musicians, and together we're building an amazing bookstore/arts & culture center in Phoenix, AZ to promote our work

Please take a few moments to watch our introduction video. Below is a list of FAQs and the .pdfs referenced in the video.



What if I canít afford the initiation fee?

We're excited to have crowdfunding pro, Gnomefunding, assisting our future members in raising their membership fee which, in turn, will build this new bookstore/arts &culture center. If you've ever wanted to try crowdfunding, now you can try it with seasoned professionals under the Indie 800 umbrella. Please fill out this form Once we have enough qualified indie-creatives participating, we'll be launching a super-easy, meta-crowdfunding campaign. 

I'm not an author/artist/musician, but I love this idea. How can I contribute to your new center?

Become a Patron of the Arts. Find an indie creative whose work you love, and help them with their membership fee. If you don't know any creatives, we have a few we could recommend, send us an email at

Since you will be selling new books, too, will you be changing the name of the bookstore?

Yes. Please put on your thinking caps. We will be looking for input from our Charter Members to come up with the new name. 

Is the Indie 800 only for Arizona authors/artists/musicians?

Not at all. While local creative indies will gain the most from our benefits package and wonít have to worry about shipping their work to us, weíre accepting applications from anywhere in the USA and from countries all over the world.

What do you mean by career-minded?

Please know, the Indie 800 Club isnít a pay-to-play deal. If youíve only published one book, recorded one song, or created one piece of art, this club isnít for you. Since your initiation fee is an investment in you as a brand, youíll need more than one piece of work to make it worthwhile. We donít want to take money from people knowing they wonít receive a commensurate benefit. Weíd like this plan to work for us and our members and our customers.

That being said, we donít want to rule out indie creatives who are at the beginning of their careers, either. With that in mind, weíve decided to accept membership from those who have at least two pieces of work completed and are working on their third.

Why are you vetting their work before accepting members?

Because one bad appleÖ

Again, this isnít a pay-to-play deal. If weíre going to stay in business and successfully promote the work of serious creative indies, we need to make sure weíre selling high-quality work to our customers.

Weíve seen so many self-published books come into our store with glaring mistakes on the cover, or so filled with typos and misspellings or bizarre formatting, itís too hard to read. Believe me, when a customer buys one of these books, we hear about it, and thatís not what we want to be known for.

Since we offer all types of books, including erotica, weíre not vetting so much for content as we are editing, proofreading, and professionalism. However, please know, we do reserve the right to reject any material.

What is your vetting process like?

Applicants will need to send in one of their books/art/songs. Members of our board will review it and make a recommendation. Works which are initially rejected will be reviewed again, and the board will make the final decision. If a work is rejected by the board, the applicantís un-cashed check will be returned to him or her.

We realize creating is a journey and our work will improve over time. We are vetting the creator not every piece theyíve ever made. Send us your best. Please know, we will not reject a book because of a typo or two. Even the big publishers miss those once in a while. Weíre looking for high-quality, not perfection.

May I join later, instead of becoming a Charter Member?

Yes, but you will not receive the same benefits as our Charter Members and there will be a monthly fee in addition to the initiation fee. We feel itís easy to jump on the band wagon once itís rolling, but it will be our Charter Members who build the wagon, and therefore, we feel they deserve the extra benefits with no additional fees.

Why not just rent a building instead of buying one?

When we opened, seven years ago, there were fifty-five or so indie bookstores in the Phoenix Metro Area. Today, there are only about fifteen of us, and many of those left standing own the building theyíre in.

The last thing we want to do is use the membership fees to open a store, only to have to close it after a few years because the rent was raised too high. Even in this economy, landlords are raising rents and bookstores are still closing their doors.

Besides, we donít want to have to move again. (Moving 65,000 books isnít going to be easy, and the new store will hold even more!)

Plus, we would prefer to use the money we would be paying in rent to advertise, market, and promote the store, our members, and our events. That way, we all benefit from the savings.

Why build a megastore art & culture center instead of a regular bookstore?

Competition is fierce and coming from all directions; eBooks, online sales, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc. Basically, every chain store in the country is now selling books, and customers can conveniently pick up the latest NY Times best-selling books, not bothering to make a trip to the bookstore. If creative indies want to be discovered, and the chains wonít allow us in, we need a place big enough, and events large enough to draw these customers back to the bookstore. We need to make it a destination.

What if you donít meet your goal of 800 Charter Members?

If we donít meet our goal of 800 Charter Members, we will be returning all checks, closing our store, and moving on to another adventure. We do not want to put our heart and soul, not to mention our time and energy, into opening a bookstore that canít compete in todayís world. Weíll either do this right or we wonít do it at all.

Iím in! How do I join?

Fill out and sign the two copies of application below. Mail it, along with a check for your initiation fee ($5000.) and a print/cd copy of one piece of your work to:


Dog-Eared Pages

16428 N. 32ndStreet

Suite 111

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Important: Before you send it off, take a picture of yourself holding one of your books and your check, (make sure to hide your personal info on the check) and email it to me We'll use this photo for promotional purposes if your work is accepted. 

Once we receive your complete application, we will add your work to our vetting queue. Upon the decision of our judges, we will mail either 1) a copy of your signed application bearing our signature of acceptance or 2) your un-cashed check back to you.  

Click the links below to view the attached .pdfs

Meet Indie 800 Charter Member Alan Black 

Meet Indie 800 Charter Member Kris Tualla

Meet Indie 800 Charter Member Michele Venne

Meet Indie 800 Charter Member Linda Andrews

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